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Research Achievements Research for elucidation of interactive mechanism between plasma and water Main Contributor Sung-Young Yoon, Hyeongwon Jeon, Seong Bong Kim Related Research Project R&D of Plasma Advanced Technology for Agriculture and Food Major Research Achievements Qualitative Achievements - Proposal of model for mutual interaction between plasma and water in which increase of ions and reduction of surface tension on water by plasma Quantitative Achievements - The paper published in peer-reviewed SCI journal (Scientific Reports) Superiorities & differences Superiorities - The first characterisaton of properties of the plasma and water affected by their mutual interaction - The result was published in high impact journal ; Scientific Reports (IF=4.12, JCR 82.03%, Rank 12/64) Differences - This study is the novel finding and the starting point of the study on the interactions between water and plasma, instead of unilateral effects of plasma on water. Expected Effect & Ripple Effect Technical Perspectives - The first suggestion of changed properties of the plasma by mutual interaction between the plasma and water Economical & Social Perspectives - The reaction mechanism of plasma interacting with water described in this study is very useful for designing and analyzing atmospheric pressure plasma apparatus for water treatment using air with high economical advantages compare to noble gas, and also has great industrial value. Evidence Images of deformed water surface by the electric field. Plasma-treated time (min): (a) 0, (b) 5, (c) 10, (d) 20. Images of the plasma for conditions of PTW (Plasma Treated Water). Left : Low-speed image, Right : High-speed image. Plasma treated time (min): (a) 0, (b) 5, (c) 10, (d) 20.
Research Achievements Development of SiC Polishing Technology by using Plasma Main Contributor Seok Dong Chan, Lee Kang IL CHOI Young Sup Related Research Project Plasma Convergence & Fundamental Research Major Research Achievements Qualitative Achievements - Development of SiC ultra fine polishing technology with atmospheric/vacuum pressure plasma Quantitative Achievements - SCI paper 1, Patent registration 4 Superiorities & differences Superiorities - Very stable( differences - The atmospheric plasma source can be applied for partial polishing of SiC space optics and the vacuum plasma etching process can polish SiC without sub surface damage by using quasi atomic layer etching concept. Expected Effect & Ripple Effect Technical Perspectives - New sub surface damage free ultra fine polishing technology for space optics and high technology parts Economical & Social Perspectives - Strengthening competitiveness of space optics and high technology parts processing technology Evidence Atmospheric Plasma SiC Polishing Machine Vacuum Plasma SiC Etching Results
Research Achievements Development of Plasma Property Data for Plasma Equipment / Process Analysis Main Contributor Related Research Project Plama BigData ICT Convergence Technology Research Project Major Research Achievements Qualitative Achievements - Development of data production technology for nationalization of plasma data Quantitative Achievements - Basic properties of plasma process data and chemical reaction data: 167 cases · C3Fx 54 Thermodynamic data for ion species: 64 cases · C4F8 Physical properties data for 5 species : 57 cases · C4F8 Chemical reaction data for 2 species : 46 cases - ReactioN data for plasma process molecules: 68 cases · Standard reference reaction data of NF3 molecules by electron collision : 38 cases · Standard reference surface reaction data for solid surface of Kr and Xe ions : 30 cases - SCI paper 4 Superiorities & differences Superiorities - Establish a research platform to respond to industry demands by establishing a system for generating information necessary to generate plasma for process use in process equipment Differences - Development of integrated physics / chemistry data for the unique plasma process analysis in Koreaes Expected Effect & Ripple Effect Technical Perspectives -Acquisition of source technology for development of ultra-fine, low-power, large-capacity next generation semiconductor / display manufacturing process equipment Economical & Social Perspectives - Strengthen competitiveness by providing research infrastructure of domestic semiconductor process equipment manufacturers and providing independent technology of design technology Evidence Data copyright registration and standard reference data registration

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