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[KFE NEWS VOL.29] The 2nd Vacuum Vessel Departs for ITER


Date of registration 2021-07-28

(photo) left: vacuum vessel after complete assembly / right: vacuum vessel in delivery unit

The second sector of the vacuum vessel has shipped for France where it will serve as one of the key components of the ITER. 

The vacuum vessel is where the high vacuum environment is created, to discharge and maintain the super-hot plasma whose temperature is over one million degrees. The ITER’s vacuum vessel consists of nine sectors, and each of them is 11.3 meters tall, 6.6 meters wide and weighs approximately 400 tons. When assembled all together in a doughnut-like shape, this monumental structure weighs around 5,000 tons. Korea is in charge of procuring four of the vacuum vessel sectors out of the nine, and completed and delivered the first sector (sector no. 6) in 2020.

Previous experience with the first sector production helped in making this second sector (sector no. 7). The second sector took only 75 months to accomplish, which was 25% faster than the 101 months needed to produce the first sector. 

Once the second sector arrives, the very heart of the ITER structure will start to be assembled – the assembly of the tokamak. First the “sector sub-assembly” will be completed by attaching one thermal shield and two TF superconducting magnets outside the vacuum vessel. Then each of the “sector sub-assemblies” will be connected in a circle like a doughnut. That is why the delivery of the second sector is necessary before the assembly can actually begin.  

The shipment will arrive at Marseille-Fos Port in the end of July and will finally arrive at the ITER site at the end of August by land and canal.

Now only two sectors remain to be produced by Korea. The two sectors will be delivered to the ITER site by 2022.

“We are pleased to have the second sector shipped safely to France, despite the unexpected difficulties we had, such as the Suez Canal accident. We will stay alert for any incidents that may happen until it finally arrives at ITER,” said Hyunsoo Kim, the team leader of the Vacuum Vessel Tech Team of ITER KODA.

ITER KODA Director-General Kijung Jung added, ”ITER KODA and Korean industries are collaborating and focusing their capabilities to meet the strict quality standards, as well as the deadline. We will do our best to successfully complete the remaining two vacuum vessels for the ITER construction.”

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