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A Korean company wins ITER diagnostics first protection wall contract


Date of registration 2021-04-23

(Photo: The location of the diagnostics port plug inside ITER, where the diagnostics first wall is to be installed)

A Korean company, Vitzro Tech, announced in December that it earned ITER's diagnostics first wall manufacturing contract. This contract is worth approximately 9.8 million euros.

ITER will be equipped with a number of diagnostics to measure plasma temperature, density, radiation properties, etc. The diagnostics first wall will protect these devices inside the reactor from the super-hot plasma temperature, neutrons, and strong magnetic fields.

Vitzro Tech also won another ITER contract in October 2018, the ITER IVC Busbar. The company’s accomplishments originate with its participation in Korean fusion research at ITER Korea and KSTAR, where it has been able to accumulate fusion know-how. It has participated in manufacturing the KSTAR Motor Generator and the NBI (Neutral Beam Injection) systems, which prepared it for such opportunities.

Director-General of ITER Korea, Dr. Kijung Jung commented, "ITER is not only a crucial project for fusion energy research and development but also a huge opportunity for domestic industry to enter the global market to build the huge, state-of-the-art research facility. ITER Korea will do its best to support Korean companies with excellent fusion-related technologies to earn contracts from ITER and other partner countries."

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