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KFE held opening ceremony


Date of registration 2021-01-25

The KFE vision for core technology research and development for a nuclear fusion demonstration was shared.


From the left, Professor Seung Jeong Noh(KFITA), Chief Commissioner Jeong-Won Lee (KFE Incorporation Commission), Dr. Gyung-Su Lee(Former president of NFRI), Congressman Sang-Min Lee, First Vice Minister Byung-Seon Jeong(MIST), President Suk Jae Yoo(KFE), Congressman Seung-Rae Jo, Congressman Yeung-Shik Kim, Acting Chairperson Sun-Hwa Hahn (NST), President Hyung-Shik Shin (KBSI)


KFE held a commencement ceremony on the 27th of December of 2020 to celebrate its new beginning as an independent research institution.


KFE began its research in January of 1996 as a project division of KBSI. After 20 years, in October of 2005, it was established as an affiliated research institute of KBSI, referred to as NFRI. Given the increasing need for a fusion-specialized research institution, an act in the Korean National Assembly was passed in April of 2020 to promote NFRI to KFE. Accordingly, KFE commenced as an independent institution on the 20th of November of 2020. 


During the opening ceremony, only President Suk Jae Yoo and invited speakers attended in person according to the COVID19 quarantine policy. Attendants were the First Vice Minister Byung-Seon Jeong from MSIT; Congressman Sang-Min Lee of the Daejeon Yuseong District; Congressman Seung-Rae Jo and Congressman Yeung-Shik Kim from the Science, ICT, Broadcasting, and Communications Committee of the National Assembly; Acting Chairperson Sun-Hwa Hahn from the National Research Council of Science & Technology; Chief Commissioner Jeong-Won Lee of the KFE Incorporation Commission; President Hyung-Shik Shin of KBSI; Dr. Gyung-Su Lee who was the former president of NFRI; and Commissioner Seung Jeong Noh of KFITA. Others including KFE employees celebrated the opening through a YouTube live broadcast. 


President Yoo commented through his opening speech, “We should be fully prepared for the vocation, for which what we do is not just mere research and development but will solve the energy problems of the future for good.” He also revealed the institutional vision “to shift the research focus from fundamental studies to core technologies for fusion energy demonstrations as well as to achieve innovations making use of the fourth industrial revolution to lay the foundation for a virtual fusion reactor.”


Vice Minister Jeong of MSIT added, “The hope of commercializing fusion energy was shown in a series of events from the completion of KSTAR in 2007 to the success of 2020 of the 20s operation at 100 million ℃. Twenty-five years have passed with the devotion of every scientist at KFE. Still, commercializing fusion energy to be delivered to us will take approximately another 35 years. There remains a path for us to go with a broader, further and longer perspective. Many say the carbon neutrality is achievable within the year 2050 if we realize our fusion plans. I would like to ask KFE to succeed in the demonstration so that fusion is more than just a possibility and will be the obvious alternative and to make an effort to communicate and unite with others despite beginning as an independent research institute.”

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