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KFE held 8th KO-CN JCM & 16th KO-JP JCM


Date of registration 2021-01-25

The 8th Korea-China JCM and the 16th Korea-Japan JCM were held via video conferences due to COVID19, respectively, on the 7th-8th of December and on the 10th-11th of December. Government officials and renowned scholars gathered to discuss national policies related to fusion R&D and collaborations using KSTAR and devices in each country as well as collaborations for ITER.

In particular, at the KO-CN JCM, progress toward the HHLT ISO standard was shared, while the KO-JP JCM members discussed the impact of both countries’ de-carbonization policies on fusion R&D directions.

Through the two JCMs, Korea recognized the importance of cooperation in area of fusion with China and Japan and agreed to implement remote collaborations proactively in 2021. With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the KO-CN JCM of 2021 will be held in China, while the KO-JP JCM will be held in Korea.


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