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The opening ceremony of the Korea Institute of Fusion Energy, with the first president appointee, Suk Jae Yoo


Date of registration 2020-11-24

 The first president of Korea Institute of Fusion Energy

Suk Jae Yoo has been appointed as the first president of Korea Institute of Fusion Energy(KFE) which will launch as an independent research institute. NFRI is to be promoted to KFE as of November 20, 2020, and the opening ceremony is going to be held on November 27 (Friday), participated by the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and ICT and key figures both from the industry and the academia.

Dr. Yoo received a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in nuclear engineering from Seoul National University. He later earned a doctorate in plasma science from KIT in Germany. He joined NFRI in 1999 as a researcher and has served as Director of the Plasma Technology Research Center, Director of the Applied Technology Development Department and currently as the president. His new term is three years from the 20th of November, the establishment date of KFE.

“In the new Korea Institute of Fusion Energy, we will shift our focus from basic research, which we have been conducting as a part of Korea Basic Science Institute, to core technology development crucial for commercializing nuclear fusion energy," said Dr. Yoo. He also added, "We will also reformulate goals and visions of the institution and prepare for a R&D framework to develop core technologies to build K-DEMO.” Within three months from taking the office, he will propose a research plan that further details the institution’s goals.

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