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Plasma Technology Research Center

  • It is the only one state-funded research institute specialized in plasma technology in Korea. Research Center is founded to drive national economy by development of plasma technologies, new materials and methods as well as incubation of new industries.

Roles and Functions of Plasma Technology Research Center

  • Act as the hub and leading research institute for domestic and international plasma technology research
  • Develop original plasma technology and creative practical technology
  • Strengthen local R&D capabilities based on plasma technology

Major Research Areas

  • Plasma-based technology
    • - Plasma-material interaction research and establishment of physical database
    • - Plasma modeling and simulation
    • - Plasma diagnostics technologies
  • Plasma-based technology
    • - Development of fundamental plasma sources technologies for the environment and raw materials applications
    • - Development of fundamental plasma sources technologies for agricultural and food industries
    • - Plasma sources research and development for creation of new and breakthrough technologies
  • Multiple Plasma Application Technology
    • - Plasma technology-based energy production/storage/efficiency enhancement technology
    • - Technology for improving the environment based on plasma technology
    • - Semiconductor and display source technology based on plasma technology
    • - Biotechnology based on plasma technology

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