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Fusion Engineering Research

  • The KFE is focusing on developing core source technologies and optimized operation scenarios for solving the challenging issues in developing a fusion demonstration plant to expedite the commercialization of fusion energy in Korea. We are playing a leading role in global research into fusion energy.


  • Demonstration plant design and core base technology development for commercialization of fusion energy
  • Basic technology development and human resources training in the Nuclear fusion device/engineering field

Major Research Area

  • Design K-DEMO and conduct research for K-DEMO core technology
    • - Research preliminary and conceptual design of K-DEMO
    • - Develop core technology for K-DEMO
    • - Develop breeding blanket technology
    • - Develop fuel cycle and tritium technology
    • - Develop tokamak divertor technology
    • - Develop technology for structural, functional, plasma facing materials
  • Enable international technology exchanges for the construction of fusion demonstration plants and facilities
  • Develop a theoretical model for understanding the multi-scale interactions of the tokamak plasma
  • Development of our own tokamak integrated simulation code and its validation
  • Development of optimized operation mode for tokamak fusion reactor

Research Plan

System Engineering Research
  • System Engineering Research
  • 2020s : K-DEMO design concept formulation
  • 2020s ~ 2030s : K-DEMO source technology develpoment & design
  • 2040s : K-DEMO construction and operation
  • 2050s : Verification of electricity production by fusion energy
Integrated Simulation
  • System Engineering Research
  • 2010 ~ 2014 : Establish a domestic foundation for the globalization of nuclear fusion plasma theory and simulation studies
  • 2015 ~ 2018 : Advance theoretical studies and build the capability to develop large simulation codes
  • 2019 ~ 2025 : Develop simulation codes for global integrated fluid(Gyrofluid) and burning plasma dynamics(Gyrokinestic)
  • 2025 ~ 2025 : Develop the KFE’s precision analytical code for plasma research for the ITER

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