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ITER Korea Project

ITER Korea

Nine procurement items allocated to Korea for ITER construction are produced in a timely manner to secure core technologies for commercialization of nuclear fusion through technology development related to procurement and non-delivery products. By participating in operation and dispatching personnel to the ITER, KFE is contributing to the training of fusion energy specialists.

Roles and Functions of ITER Korea

Design, manufacture, and deliver in a timely manner the nine packages allocated to Korea. Systemize management for the acquisition of core fusion technology. Train specialists through participation in the construction and operation of the ITER. Serve as the Korean agency responsible for cooperation with the ITER organization and participating parties.

Major Achievements

Procurement accords reached on seven of nine procurement items. One item supplied in accordance with the ITER construction schedule (Oct. 2018) Korea was the first country to successfully complete supply of the ITER 'superconducting conductor' (Dec. 2014) KFE awarded 115 types of overseas procurements (valued at 576.1 billion won) for the ITER organization and participating countries. (Oct. 2018) Sixty-one fusion specialists, who play central roles in the ITER construction, dispatched to the ITER organization. They include a ITER DDG and senior figures who were responsible for technology development and tokamak construction (Oct. 2018).

Items to be supplied by Korea

Items to be supplied by Korea

ITER History
Number Items Procurement Value
1 Conductor 43.39
2 Vacuum Vessel 25.20
3 Port 55.31
4 AC/DC Converters 45.58
5 Shield Block 28.07
6 Assembly Tooling 18.53
7 Thermal Shield 26.88
8 Tritium SDS 11.79
9 Diagnostics 4.11

Benefits and Impacts from the Participation in the ITER Project

  • Cost-saving on the conservation of the environment affected from the drastic decrease of greenhouse gas emission by commercializing fusion power
    - No emission of greenhouse gas or CO2, No generation of high-level radioactive waste
  • Raising public awareness through the public trust and reception based on the ultimate safety policy, and securing the national energy for the 21st C
    - Top priority issue on the government placed higher than the economic value
  • Improving the national prestige and instilling in people with a sense of pride through the participation in the ITER project under the equal partnership with the advanced countries
  • Leading the global fusion power plant market as a fusion power nation after securing fusion power technologies and fusion power plant construction experience and knowledge
  • Practical use of the far-reaching technologies and Job creation from new industries
    - Strengthening the competitiveness through the application of extreme technologies such as Ultra high temperature, superconducting, cryogenic and high vacuum

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