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Energy problems common to the world today and environmental issues such as increasingly severe climate change are the first major challenges that mankind must address if it is to continue to evolve.

Ultimately, what is required to overcome the crisis is not resources but clean, high-capacity, electricity-producing sources based on technology. For Korea in particular, which relies heavily on overseas energy sources, securing next-generation energy sources that will ensure national stability and development is a goal vital for our generation to achieve.

The KOREA INSTITUTE OF FUSION ENERGY is Korea's only research facility specializing in nuclear fusion. Based on our development and operation of KSTAR, a superconducting fusion research device, the KFE seeks to achieve groundbreaking research results, develop core technology for commercializing nuclear fusion, and train outstanding nuclear fusion personnel. In addition, the institute is spearheading a joint effort to open the era of nuclear fusion energy in the mid-21st century through active participation in the ITER Project with seven major developed countries. We are, moreover, embracing the age of fusion energy by developing core technology for the construction of a nuclear fusion reactor.

The KFE is leading the way in securing safe energy sources through nuclear fusion energy development as well as developing plasma-based technologies for a comfortable and clean environment. We are striving to achieve research results that benefit a wider public by developing plasma technologies applicable not only in high-tech industries but also in the environment and agricultural sectors.

I would like to thank all of you concerned with the advancement of the KOREA INSTITUTE OF FUSION ENERGY and look forward to your continued interest and support.

President of KFE Yoo Suk Jae

Authorities concerned